Commercial / Industrial

Commercial and Industrial Property Inspection and Valuation

We also offer our services for all aspects of Commercial Valuation works, for both private Clients and Financial Institutions, Due Diligence Reports to assist in Lease Negotiations and Expert Witness work on both Residential and Commercial our particular expertise over 40 years being in Licensed and Hospitality Valuations and Management and Valuation of individual Retail properties throughout our geographical area of Cumbria, Lancashire and The Dales.

Our independence is our strength. Because we have no ties to banks or building societies and we are not part of a large chain of estate agents we can be purely focussed on the job in hand.

One of the biggest drawbacks in valuing is lack of local knowledge:

Local knowledge is best when in comes to valuing a property and our skills in being able to assess buildings, land and assets means that we can be accurate and unbiased.  Whether it is

Our unbiased independent service can serve our clients well.