Residential Property

Residential Property Inspection and Valuation

Valuation for Sale Purposes

This valuation will provide the Client with our opinion of the value of the property at the current time, taking note of all prevailing market factors, with advice on suggested Asking Price, and Realistically Achievable Price. This information is obviously essential to intending Vendors, to ensure that their financial planning is based upon the soundest professional information available to them at the time.

Valuation for Mortgage Purposes

This type of valuation report is generally commissioned by the lender, and supplies information on the property specific to their needs, ensuring that the loan they extend is adequately covered by the security afforded in the value of the subject property. While this format of valuation may highlight and report major items of disrepair (considered as they affect the value of the property) it does not answer or discuss many of the questions which may be of more personal interest to the purchaser but our report format is flexible to allow us to address specific queries required by clients.

The RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation (“The Homebuyer Service”)

This is a format of Survey and Valuation developed jointly over many years by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, The Council of Mortgage Lenders and other Financial Institutions. The report is provided in a recognised format well known to Clients Financial and Legal Advisor’s, ensuring that they can easily assimilate the information contained in this type of report into a Clients Financial Plan. It is a Valuation and Survey designed for use on residential properties of conventional design and construction.

The report focuses on essentials i.e. defects and problems which are regarded as requiring urgent attention or are significant, and as such will have a direct effect on the value of the subject property. The report includes a valuation of the property as part of the service and can also provide additional valuable information tailored to a clients specific needs we will also endeavour wherever possible to arrive at an indicative costing of repairs to allow clients to return to the negotiating table with the vendor if necessary prior to exchange of contracts.

It is recommended that intending purchasers needing to seek Mortgage Finance contact their lenders prior to commissioning a valuation, and arrange to have the Homebuyer Service undertaken by Alfred Mossop & Co., to include a mortgage valuation thus saving on separate fees.

Alfred Mossop & Co will guarantee to provide a report within 48 hours of receipt of signed instructions from the Client, and our being granted access to inspect the subject property.